FAQ | Ariel MacArran
arielthumb expander Q: I don’t have an ereader, are your books available in hard copy format?
A: YES! All of my books are available in paperback on both Amazon and Barnes
and Noble.

Q: Are your books available in other countries?
A: Yes, through Amazon’s expanded market my books are available in whatever countries Amazon has delivery.

Q:If The Seer is the first of the Tellaran books, how many are planned?
A: I don’t think I’ll ever run out of stories in that universe – as many as I can write!

Q:Which book comes first Stardancer or The Seer?
A: The Seer takes place hundreds of years before Stardancer!

Q:Wait, aren’t the characters related?
A: Yes! The hero and heroine of The Seer are ancestors to one of the characters in Stardancer.